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Akira Horikoshi Official Site

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Akira Horikashi was born in 1965 in Tokyo. 
He studied drums under Kazuhilo Ebisawa and Syuichi "PONTA" Murakami, Jazz musicians. He loves Japanese traditional music deeply from the influence of his father who is the master of Japanese traditional dance.

In 1990 he made his debut with internationally acclaimed Jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita's Trio, followed by tours throughout Japan, Europe and South America. From 1994 to 2004 he continued his career with Yosuke Yamashita as "Duo Plus".

Though the method of the jazz drum is his basic form, he is developing the original play style which exceeded all genres by mixing many elements such as Japanese music and folk music, also contemporary and classic freely. He performed with Ito Takio, Mari Natsuki, Hirokazu Tategata, Pappa TARAHUMARA, Chen Min, and Satoko Fujii. He has actively participated in overseas performances, and has worked as a producer and a music composer of various music events.

Aside from being a top session artist, he has led his own bands; "The WILL" with Tsuyoshi Watanabe (vl) and Jun Fukamachi (pf), "Toho Ibun" with Japanese traditional instruments, "SOLO-ist" as performing arts with kinetic artist Masato Tanaka.  In 2012 he made NY debut with "LOTUS POSITION" with Japanese bamboo flute player Akihito Obama. In 2015, "LOTUS POSITION" with Yousuke Yamashita played to packed houses in Czech and Slovakia, the tour held by the Japan Faoundation.

He was in charge of background music in "Eternal Chikamatsu" and "Kurotokage" directed by David Leveaux.  Also he leads "INSTINCT" with Philippe Aymard who was active as clown in Cirque du Soleil and other members. In 2014, he and Yuko Mifune, a classical pianist, started a sensationally unique classic duo "OBSESSION" and is expanded more fans crossover. Their debut album has received critical acclaim.

He currently teaches in two drum schools, and also at Nippon Engineering College in Tokyo. 

  • A professional debut as a member of "Yosuke Yamashita New Trio" (by the audition)
  • Have tours both in Japan and in Europe
  • Have a tour in Brazil , Argentine and Paraguay with the Japan Foundation Start playing with Mariko Ogawa and Pappa TARAHUMARA (dance company with Masahiro Sugaya)
  • CD release "PLAY GROUND" (polydole) "88 points whole Japanese country running through surviving tour" carrying out.
  • A new activities start as "Yosuke Yamashita duo plus" (German /Belgian tour.)
  • Participate in CM music of Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd. "MOVE".
  • Organize an own unit, and make a promotional video.
  • Participate in music part of performance "castle" of pappa TARAHUMARA.
  • Participate in the "Takio Ito" band, who sings Japanese folk songs by fusing the Japanese music and the Western music.
  • Participate in South America tour with the "Takio Ito" band by the dispatch of the Japan Fundation.
  • Guest participation to the Japan tour of "Buenos Aires Neo Tango" which visited Japan from Argentina.
  • Guest participation to "Pythagorean Party" Begin a Unit with the ethnic musician from Africa, Nepal, China.
  • Organize an own unit "東方異聞 Tohoibun", the activities start.
  • Short-term studying abroad to "Drummer's collective" of New York.
  • Guest participation to "the Japan tour of Tango Volviendo" which visited Japan from Argentina again.
  • Begin the collaboration that the play of the drum solo is a basic element with Masato Tanaka(as Kinetic Artist).
  • Participate in the sound track of the movie "助太刀屋助六". (Director/"Kihachi Okamoto", Music/"Yosuke Yamashita")
  • Album release for "Yoko Kobayashi(pianist) "Little things".
  • Participate in the tour "Solo play 2001" of "Hiro Tatekata" who is the star of "THE CONVOY".
  • Have a concert titled "東方異聞 Tohoibun with Mai" which merged hiw own "東方異聞) Tohoibun" and Noh music.
  • Participate in the tour "Confession of Orpheus" by dancers Hiro Tatekata and Dai Sasaki.
  • Participate in a fringe festival held in Macao by "SOLO-ist".
  • Participate in the stage "RED" direcited and choreographed by Haruka Ueda.
  • Form a group "NEO.jp" with Hideki Ishima who plays his original guitar called "sitara", and keyboard player Jun Fukamachi.
  • Paricipate in the jazz live tour of actress, Mari Natsuki.
  • Participating in the stage "Carmen" direcited and choreographed by Haruka Ueda.
  • Have a concert "Feast in midsummer" inviting Yosuke Yamashita as a guest player.
  • Present "SOLO-ist Romanticism", which is the broad interpretation of classical music.
  • Appear NHK's program "Kohaku Utagassen" with Takio Ito & TAKIO BAND.
  • Have a concert "Heaven's voice, God's whisper and people's song" inviting folk song singer, Takio Ito as a guest player.
  • Present "SOLO-ist WAR CRY" having a string quartet and a swordist as guests.
  • Paritcipate a dinner show "Memories of Shoji Suzuki & Bennie Goodman" commemorating the 20th anniversary of Hilton Tokyo.
  • Participate Yosuke Yamashita New Year Jazz Concert " Jazzman Chushingura " at Tokyo Opera City.
  • Paticipate Shanghai Jazz Festival with Yosuke Yamashita group.
  • Start " The WILL " with violinist Tsuyoshi Watanabe and keyboardist Jun Fukamachi.
  • Participate in Satoko Fujii unit.
  • Join the saxophone quartetto " ROVA "( from SanFrancisco ), and paticipate a tour of Europe Jazz Festival with them.
  • Release his own group " The WILL " first album " INFINITY ORCHESTRA".
  • In June have a gig " Truth" ( New SOLO-ist's work )at Theater Tram.
  • In October realease " TOHO-IBUN " first album " A Strange Story from the Far East ".
  • Paticipate South Korea tour of TAKIO BAND.
  • Start one-to-one lesson drum school " Drumming Arts Lavo ".
  • Participate in some dance performances , AMI Flamenco recital and REDxRED Soul Company.
  • Have a gig “long to be a musician“ at his alma mater Wakabayashi junior high school.
  • Participate in a drama group Pappa Tarahumara " Letters between Tokyo - Buenos Aires ".
  • Join a band "Happenings Four" in Okayama international music festival.
  • Participate in Satoko Fujii unit in Jazz Festival in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Have a performance with Masato Tanaka in Havana, Cuba.
  • Play at「Microsoft Conference2008」and write a tune for the opening act.
  • Paticipate in Expo Jazz Festival as " The Will ". Paticipate in Satoko Fujii quartet.
  • Participate in Drum contest in Taiwan " Drum battle in Taihoku " as a judge.
  • Have a tour in Europe ( 13 gigs in 7countries) with ma-do Satoko Fujii.
  • Produce CD UTAGOKORO by a master of shakuhachi Satoshi Yoneya.
  • Play at a jazz festival in Ljubljana, Slovenija , and North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland.
  • Participate in Yokohama Jazz Promenade as The Will.
  • Participate in Keiki Shichijo hair show by the Chinese Governent in Tianjin.
  • Participate in Japanese drums event by Asano Taiko as director and player.
  • Form a group " LOTUS POSITION " with Akito Obama who plays Japanese bamboo flute.
  • Have a tour with accordion player taca from Paris.
  • Have a tour in 11places as The Will.
  • Play with flute player Göran Månsson from Sweden at a Nordic folk music festival in Expo‘70 Commemorative Park.
  • The Will play with flamenco dancer AMI.
  • Play with Takio Ito at Bakumatsu Ishin festival in Tokyo.
  • Participate with Rhapsody with AMI triangulo & The Will as director and player in Ginza , Tokyo.
  • Have a tour with Satoko Fijii ma-do in Australia, USA and Europe.
  • Participate with CD "Crossmodal", pianist Masaki Hayashi , Stewmahn.
  • Participate in a musical , a story about Yves Montand , by Shigeo Owa at Mitsukoski Theatre.
  • Compose a tune for the opining act at "Microsoft Conference 2011".
  • Participate in AMI & Akira Horikoshi "Quartier Latin" at Hakuhinkan Theatre as director and player.
  • Play with Horn player Richard Todd from USA.
  • Have a tour as "LOTUS POSITION" in NEW YORK.
  • Have a tour with accordion player taca , taca Wind of Legend.
  • Play with erhu player Chen Min.
  • Have a recording CD by rock keyboardist Nobuhiko Shinohara.
  • Participate in comtemporary dance performance"LINK" by Junko Kikuchi.
  • Participate with CD "SUI" , Japanese bamboo flute player, Akihito Obama.
  • Start " INSTINCT " with bassist Yousuke Shirato, pianist Frédéric Viennot and cantaor Makoto Abe.
  • Have a tour as "LOTUS POSITION". One of the gigs they had a special guest Yousuke Yamashita.
  • Participate with "Lectures on music 2013" by Yoshiyuki Kozu, composer.
  • Participate with CD "Homage", erhu player Chen Min,
  • Start "OBSESSION" with pianist Yuko Mifune.
  • " INSTINCT " had a new member Philippe Aymard who was active as a clown in Cirque du Soleil.
  • Give a lecture at the intensive summer seminar at TOHO COLLEGE OF MUSIC.
  • Play with NAMGAR from Republic of Buryatia.
  • Have a tour as "Yousuke Yamashita DUO".
  • Start " My Country " with pianist Kazue Watanabe and Japanese bamboo flute player Satoshi Yoneya.
  • Participate with "Lectures on music 2014" by Yoshiyuki Kozu, composer.
  • Have a tour as "Yousuke Yamashita & LOTUS POSITION" in Czech and Slovakia.
  • Have a tour in 15 places as " OBSESSION ".
  • Start an educational outreach program to give children the opportunity to experience the music beyond the region and the environment as "OBSESSION".
  • Have 3 gigs as "INSTINCT".
  • Participate in "1st Shinshiro Jazz festival" at Aichi pref. as a member of Naoki Suzuki's super monkeys.
  • DVD release "My Country".
  • In charge of background music in "Eternal Chikamatsu" and "Kurotokage" directed by David Leveaux, along with Keita Egusa, pianist and composer. Give 20 times performances in Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Have a tour in 14 places as "OBSESSION", including "La Folle Journée au JAPON" in Tokyo and "Street Art-plex" in Kumamoto. Visit a elementary school in Nagano pref. and shelter in Mashiki Town as a educational outreach program.
  • Have 3 gigs as " INSTINCT ".
  • CD Release "LOTUS POSITION with Yosuke Yamashita". Have a gig in Shanghai. Participate in Asagaya Jazz Steets, Shibuya Waon festival produced by Takio Ito, and Yousuke Yamashita Live.
  • CD release "OBSESSION". Have a tour in 16 places as "OBSESSION". Visit elementary schools in Kumamoto and Tokyo as an educational outreach program.
  • Have 3 gigs as "LOTUS POSITION" at Kagawa pref., Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Have a gig as "INSTINCT".
  • Release two types of drum sticks designed by Akira Horikoshi.
  • Assumed a regular lecturer at Nippon Engineering College in Tokyo.
  • Participate with CD "IN FOCUS", pianist Antonio Gamaza and saxophonist Tsuyoshi Furuhashi.

Have 2 drum schools in Tokyo including some classes for young people.